Rock It Till Water Falls

This is my shitty intro to my shitty blog. Enjoy!

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lol he dropped that phone like he was in an infomercial 
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why is sleepin so fucking satisfying like juss the thought of takin a nap got a nigga excited

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 pandas don’t want to take their medicine
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the gaming industry annoys me a lot because it has the potential to be the most creative and diverse outlet we have but like. nah. we got cod. and fifa. 0 female leading characters. the exact same slightly rough looking, dark haired, middle aged white dude.. 3/10

But at least you can image

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that awkward moment when you like the teacher that everyone hates

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I found these gifs I made a while back for a site that’s not running anymore, so I thought I’d post them here. It’s a description of psychiatric symptoms and states of mind using a pink box and some other stuff. 
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Dear every female ever,

You are so beautiful it hurts my insides.

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She wears short skirts I wear t-shirts and we’re both getting sent home from school because its distracting to boys apparently

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Artist: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

for all the things my hands have held
the best by far is you [x]

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I still want to die
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Cop:  Have you been drinking?
Me:  I been drankin'
Cop:  Surfbort
Me:  Surfbort